The Story of Zappos and Delivering a Zappos like WOW! Moment

Those who follow our blog will know how important the WOW! core value is here at KKTC. We all love reading the WOW! Report every Monday which is a summary of the awesome experiences our trainers have had during the previous week.

WOW! for our students can come in many forms.

It can be that ‘first class’ experience, ‘first voc ed’ experience, the ‘graduation experience’, the ‘I got the job’ experience …pretty much anything that lights up a student’s life as a result of being connected with the college…and most importantly connected with their trainer.

Origins of WOW!

KKTC embarked on the WOW! journey following a strategy session our college manager did with Verne Harnish – a leading US based business strategist who profiled a company called Zappos. The story of Zappos that really struck Sam as unique is covered below….

It’s early morning after a shoe sales conference in Santa Monica, California. A group of friends – including Tony Hsieh, head of the online clothing giant Zappos – is stuck in a hotel room, hungry and a little inebriated.

Room service doesn’t deliver after 11 p.m. Hsieh dares someone to call Zappos and order a pizza instead.

The customer service rep who answers the phone is polite, if a little confused. She puts the group on hold. A few minutes later she returns with a list of the five closest pizza joints in Santa Monica that are still open and delivering. And then orders the pizza for them.

This story comes from Delivering Happiness, the book Hsieh wrote about how he and his team grew Zappos so quickly that Amazon bought the company in a deal worth more than $1 billion.  Have a think about calling any call centre – would you get that sort of customer service? That sort of WOW? I doubt it.

Delivering WOW! at KKTC

The above story had a huge impact on Sam and he always wanted to replicate that sort of WOW! experience here at KKTC. So much so that when he oversaw the creation of the company values in 2014, WOW! was always a shoe-in.

WOW! starts with who the college hire and what we look for in a trainer applicant.

Sam commented this week about interviewing for new trainers and assessors and what he looks for.

“The very first interview is really a discovery. And what I am looking for is alignment with our values. Will this person sign up for WOW!?

As KKTC is all about the student – all about their experiences as ‘we only exist for them…’

So hiring like-minded, 100% committed trainers to the student experience is critically important in continuing to deliver WOW!”

This week Sam was talking with one of the Trainers when a WOW! moment exploded in front of him.

He recalls the story…

“I was talking with a KKTC Trainer and Assessor and the story goes…

  • Her student (16yo early school leaver) is nearing completion of her Cert 3. Her mum wanted the student to go on and do her Diploma, but her trainers’ advice was to get a job as she felt the work experience given her young age would benefit her and the trainer had heard McDonald’s was hiring on a large scale.
  • The student was on the same page with her trainer, but Mum didn’t think working in ‘fast food’ was any help.
  • The trainer said the routines and systems of training and the work experience at Maccas would be an advantage for future employment and her personal growth.
  • The trainer knew about a McDonald’s just near the student’s house and also offered to review the student’s CV and help coach her on the application process.
  • After some encouragement, tweaking on the CV and counsel for the Mum, the student applied…
  • And today the student was offered the role! “

That is WOW!

Think about that for a moment.

You will remember your first job. You will remember the process of applying, the interview, the self doubt and you did it all on your own!

This student did it with a KKTC Trainer in her corner. It is a life long memory for this student that starts today. She will probably name her first born after the trainer! 😊

The above commitment to our students and delivering WOW! moments is what makes KKTC different.

It is values driven and it is ‘walking the talk’ when we say ‘we only exist for our students’.

It is a Zappos like truly WOW! moment.

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