The Power of Passionate Trainers

At KKTC, we are very proud of the passion and effort our Trainers and Assessors have for their work. While all of our team have a high standard of dedication and support for their students, some of our trainers go above and beyond to make sure their students are staying on track.

Sarah Chamberlin is one of our Trainer and Assessors that takes keeping her students on track to another level with this little anecdote.

Training in the Central Queensland region, she covers the most area of all of our trainers, with her farthest student 550 kilometers away from her home in Bundaberg.

“The travel is probably the most challenging part of my job,” Sarah said.

“But my favourite part is getting to meet and support people in those regional areas because they don’t usually get visited out there in regional QLD.”

With such an expansive area to cover for her student base, Sarah quite literally goes the extra mile for her students. So, it’s no wonder that when a student doesn’t quite do the right thing, she takes action!

While working in Townsville a few years ago, Sarah was met with a challenging school-based student who seriously underestimated the lengths her trainer would go to keep her on track.

“I had this student, she would call in sick on the days she was meant to work in her centre all the time. This can happen with teens working for the first time,” Sarah recounts.

“I had just recently had a really serious talk with her about the importance of showing up for work because she was falling behind on her hours and it was important she understood the responsibilities that come with working our sector.”

Sarah wanted to give the student the benefit of the doubt and believe that she was being truthful about being unwell on one such occasion, however she still had a suspicion that all was not as it seemed; a suspicion that was soon confirmed.

“One of my other school-based students ‘dobbed’ her in and showed me a photo the supposedly sick student posted on a social media app, which very clearly showed her having lunch with a friend at the local shops!”

“I spoke to Careers Teacher  at her school and showed him the photo, and next thing we were in the car on our way down to the shops to find out why she wasn’t at her centre.”

The student was shocked to see her usually kind-hearted trainer standing before her catching her in a poorly thought-out lie, but Sarah hopes this was enough to show the student just how much she cares.

“We found her at the shopping centre and asked why she called in sick but was well enough to go out for lunch with her friend not long after, and she made some excuse about waking up feeling sick but then feeling better later,” Sarah said.

“Normally I ‘smother them with kindness’, but when I can see a student needs that extra push to reach their full potential, I can get pretty ruthless,” Sarah said.

This level of determination is rare and can only be found in a trainer who truly cares and values their students and their students’ goals.

Way to go Sarah; you have really illustrated the ‘above and beyond’ call of duty KKTC Trainers display!

And a cautionary word for any future School Based Students….don’t get sick and then get better between waking up in the morning and lunch time as you never know if Sarah will make a surprise visit!

Watch the School Based Video where recent trainees talk about their experiences in completing the CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care whilst still at school.

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