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Kool Kids Training College train our staff in Townsville and we are very satisfied with their delivery and approach. Their trainers are very experienced and the resources they use are excellent. Among the training program’s many great features, the best is the access to their local trainer and the support they provide. They really are specialists – Children’s services is all they do and they do it well.

- Laurelle Risdale
My Little Feet Child

Studying through Kool Kids has been an amazing experience. Not only has the training college been inviting but Jess is an awesome trainer.

- Val

With my son attending one of the Kool Kids Centres and knowing the high standards that are in place I knew I would be getting the best insight into Early Childhood. I would highly recommend this course. for anyone looking at a career in Children’s Services.

- Melissa

I decided to join the Kool Kids Training College in Southport studying my Certificate III in Children’s Services after struggling with an online course and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. The support that I’ve been given is just invaluable by the staff members and the other students in the course. I’ve made some great friendships during the process.

- Melissa

I am currently studying my Cert III at Kool Kids Training College and so far have had an amazing journey working alongside students who have now become great friends.

- Penny

Karen is the most amazing teacher i have ever had. She is kind, helpful, inspiring and a gift when it comes to my studies. Karen has a very open communication network with all her students by knowing them on a personal level and making it clear to us all that if we have any questions at all not to wear until later but just call her as she always has time for each and every one of us.

- Ashmore Kool Kids

You so much more than a teacher to me, you help with all your students is fantastic and i know for a fact.I would not be enjoying my study if I did not have you as a teacher. you also a great friend to me, who pushes me when i want to give up. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me.

- Holley

Karen, Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough! You are a godsend to my studies.You give so much more than you receive and you don’t let me give up! You’ve given us all so much we wanted to give you a little something back. Thanks for being the best trainer ever. I don’t know what I would do without you and I pray I will never have to find out! LOVE.

- Esther

You are not only my teacher, you are my friend, mentor and guide all rolled into one person. I will always be grateful for your support and kindness. You are one of a kind. You blow me away with your knowledge and you do anything for your students! You an inspiration to me!

- Amy

To an amazing women, thank you Karen for your help and support. I could not do this studying without you. you are such a blessing my little angle helping me through this.

- Peta

“My traineeship experience was incredible. I had so much support with my theory and learnt so much. I feel confident in my work because of the constant support and help with my theory and in the workplace. I have had so many opportunities in the workplace to work with a variety of different age groups. This traineeship was such an amazing experience that i didn’t want to end.”

- Sierra Cooper
2015 School Based Trainee

“Traineeship at Kool Kids has inspired me that work place can be very rewarding when your trainees are supporting you along the way. The very first time I went to Southport Kool Kids , Janine welcomed me and I immediately felt comfortable with her warm welcome. i have had the most enjoyable experience working and training side by side with Janine as she has guided me to getting the best outcome. Working with children has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Janine has supported me when i had my doubts and was always available when i had a question. The work clusters we were given throughout the traineeship, at the beginning they looked difficult but Janine set tasks that complimented the work sheets and i was able to complete them within the time frame we got given. I would highly recommend the traineeship to anyone thinking of taking childcare as a future career. You will have the best fun and the people are really friendly and the kids are adorable.”

- Tommi
2015 School Based Trainee

“My experience as a trainee was amazing as I really I enjoyed my time there at the centre as everyone was so friendly and very helpful towards me and they knew how to make work fun. The workplace always had a good vibe that can brighter up your day and the support there was amazing they taught me everything I needed to know. I really loved working with children while I was studying and can’t wait to go further.”

- Stephanie Rerich
2015 School Based Trainee

“My experience as a workplace trainee with Kool Kids was great, the staff at both the centres and the training college were so supportive throughout my journey to completing my cert III. Throughout my training I was constantly supported by Janine to complete my studies and she was always there to help when I had questions. The brickwork and clusters are very straight forward, teaching you many valuable things you will need to know as an educator. While doing my placement at Kool Kids Helensvale I was welcomed with smiles and positivity as they were always happy to give me a helping hand with my practical activities and any questions I had about caring for children. In a nutshell, my experience with Kool kids has been a wonderful and memorable experience where I have met lovely people (including the children). I wouldn’t train anywhere else!”

- Chloe Martin
2015 School Based Trainee

“I completed my traineeship through kool kids learning centre half way through year 11. The experience was amazing and I got to meet so many great people because of it. I was lucky enough to have an awesome trainer (Janine)who helped me with everything and always checked up to see if I needed any help with my modules or if I had any questions. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be placed in a kool kids centre but I ended up getting to do work experience through creative kids, all the staff and children were extremely nice and I wouldn’t change anything. The support was amazing throughout the entire time even when I thought about giving up! I would highly recommend it doing it, you’ll have so much fun while meeting so many great people.”

- Alana Saunders
2015 School Based Trainee

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the training and work experience I received from Kool kids Training College! They set me up at a centre that was within great distance from my house, they provided a trainer who was there to help literally 24/7 which I couldn’t be more grateful for and they also set me up with completing my first aid certificate. I am so glad I chose Kool Kids Training College for my training and will continue to choose them for any further studies I wish to complete. A big thank you to Janine as well for being of assistance to me no matter what and giving me the best advice and help when it came to not only my competencies but also my workplace.”

- Brianna Ford
2015 School Based Trainee

“Over the past year I have had an amazing experience with Kool Kids training college in completing my certificate three. Janine my trainer has been there for myself and my other peers, helping and guiding us every step of the way. I could not of completed my certificate if it wasn’t for her support and guidance. The workplace was the best part of the traineeship I feel as it gave me the opportunity really interact with the children. I will definitely be recommending Kool Kids Training College to many of my friends, especially high school students!”

- Shaneigh Reed
2015 School Based Trainee

“Being a trainee with Kool Kids is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever done. Everyone is so supportive and they always helped me when I needed it. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this but with positive pushing from my trainer I was able to complete something I never dreamed of completing.”

- Tamara Ward
2015 School Based Trainee

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Studying through Kool Kids has been an amazing experience. Not only has the training college been inviting but Jess is an awesome trainer.

– Val

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