5 Steps to Retaining Great Employees

They’re invaluable, aren’t they?

Great employees I mean. Particularly in the early learning environment.

It’s critical to retain great staff in our industry because kids need stability. They bond with their carers and get upset when they leave.

Unfortunately, we’re in an industry that tends to have high staff turnover.

But if you can change that, and hang on to your fabulous staff, that gives you a huge advantage. It can be a key point of difference between you and your competitors.

Reliable, loyal staff are not only a great advertisement for your business but a huge support to you too.

Being able to rely on your team means less stress – and often less work – for you because you can delegate.

So when you find good people, how do you make sure they stay with you? Here’s some strategies for retaining your top talent.


Retain top talent

Retain The Best

Don’t let the best people slip through your fingers. When you find them, hang on to them with both hands.

Nurture and support them, and invest in their development. It’s not always easy to find high-quality, industry-specific but that’s why we put together a Day With The Best 2016.

The Day With The Best is an annual event that brings together Australia’s leading experts and is set to become Australia’s foremost Professional Development Event for Early Childhood Educators.

Here’s what some people had to say about the 2016 event:

I’m so glad I was lucky enough to come. I can’t wait to implement it at work –  A. Barnes Kool Kids Nerang

Thanks for an inspiring, thought provoking day. I enjoyed every moment.” – T Eichmann TCS

The only dissapointing aspect was I could not attend all workshops!   – L. Bateman g8 Education

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