For the hundreds of students who have come through the Gold Coast doors of KKTC since 2013, you will be familiar with the iconic training room table; affectionately known as the ‘pencil table.’

It is a piece of art in its own right. And this week it found a new home!

Pencil Table

Careful guys

For those who have sat at the table for the first time with a pencil (or pen) in hand can be very confronting; especially when you put your writing instrument down and then try and find it amongst the hundreds designed into the table. The table was a mainstay at the old training headquarters and when we moved to our new premises the size of the old table was a little big for what we are calling the ‘collaboration room.’

Pencil Table

Getting ready for tabletop


Pencil table

That’ll do it


This room is a meeting room for the training and compliance team and a great room to run a smaller zoom meeting or casual chat with a team member.

So, the call was made to reduce the original table and resize it to fit into the ‘collaboration room.’

Pencil table


Well done to the team who have recrafted a college icon! We are pleased to have it safe and sound at our new training HQ!

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