New Brand Identity

Today is a BIG day in the growth of our training college. We have announced a new brand identity …


The new brand identity represents a youthful vibrancy and an interpretive design which could be an educator or a child expressing their joy. It is this joy that the college aims to deliver on every training experience for our students.

Since the opening of the training college in 2013 we have developed an evolved notion of who we are and what our purpose is, and that is to be the best Early Childhood Education and Care training college in Australia that delivers an exceptional training experience for every student that enrols with KKTC. With that experience, our students can build their careers and fulfilment in a truly rewarding sector.

So today, as we present this new brand identity to the Early Childhood Education and Care sector in Australia and the wider community, we remain extremely humble and proud of the service we provide to the thousands of students and centres we now support.

We hope you love the brand identity as much as we do!

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