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Flexible Timetable

KKTC offers a flexible enrolment timetable with immediate enrolments. Once you have contacted the college and met with the enrolment team, you will be given options of class times and can be active in your class within a matter of days. The training college offers classes in Southport, Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville. For actual schedule of class times, contact the college.

Please use the button on the right to register your interest for enrolment or contact us.

Once enrolled, our College Administrator will issue you an enrolment confirmation letter. This letter advises you of the course you have enrolled in and can be used for the Department of Families if you are currently working in the Childcare industry.


kool kids training college - classroom

By the first day of the course at the latest, students are to receive induction and/or orientation appropriate to their course, and which ensures they:

  • understand the information contained in the Student Handbook and Course Booklet;
  • understand the Rules and Regulations;
  • are familiar with facilities and resources;
  • have identified the key training, administration and support people;
  • have necessary course materials; and know their timetables
  • know where to access more information.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process based on matching the formal and informal learning experiences gained throughout one's life to the competencies required to gain a qualification. The process is fair and equitable and available to all students. In your RPL application, you will need to provide evidence which draws on your background, experiences and/or past studies to match what you can already do or what you already know, against a unit(s) of competency from the program in which you are enrolled.

Please refer to our RPL information brochure or alternatively the Student Handbook to check for eligibility details.

Vocational Placement

Completion of on-the-job tasks in a Children's Services setting is a compulsory requirement of this Qualification. This means that students must have access to a licensed Childcare Service on a regular basis.

The on-the-job experience gives students the practical 'hands on' skills required to achieve competency. Practicum can be completed at different times throughout a program or in a block (this allows students that do not work in Childcare to do their practicum during annual leave time).The Practical component is required for successful completion of this course and should not exceed 240 hours per year.


A student who is a Trainee/Apprentice funded under the Queensland State Government's User Choice funding arrangements is eligible for partial exemption of tuition fees. Details of fee concessions for Trainees and Apprentices are provided in the Trainee/Apprentice Information package. Please contact the college on (07) 5532 5601 for a Trainee/Apprentice specific Information package.

All students

  • Students wanting to enrol in a course with Kool Kids Training College are advised of all fees and charges associated with a course, including tuition fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges on the relevant course booklets, on this website and in the Kool Kids Training College Handbook.
  • Unless otherwise specified, tuition fees include the cost of all compulsory training and assessment materials. If a student wishes to purchase any other reference materials or resources this is at an expense to the student.
  • The original certificate or statement of attainment is included in the course fee, however for reissuing of a certificate or statement of attainment, an additional fee will be incurred at the rate provided in this handbook or as published at the time of request.
  • RPL will be charged per unit as per price schedule.
  • Once enrolment has commenced total fees have to be paid even if the student withdraws from the course.
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