KKTC Welcomes New Trainers

KKTC Headquarters played host last week to a brand-new cohort of Trainers and Assessors.

The six freshest additions to the KKTC team rolled into their first induction session bright-eyed and bushy-tailed last Monday morning, ready to bring their enthusiasm and excitement to our ever-growing team.

Over the course of their induction week, the trainers embraced the spirit of KKTC, getting to know our Student Services and Compliance team in our swanky new Head Office.

Spanning across Queensland and New South Wales, these Trainers and Assessors will start to be allocated a cohort of students in parallel with their learning of the KKTC way of training.

College Manager Sam Hendry said at the induction

You are here because of who you are and the insights we took from our interview processes to hire those candidates who aligned with our values. We are not like every other RTO and it is the person we look for and then with time and training we will support your growth in becoming a great trainer. That journey starts today and we will not rush it, as it takes time to learn our processes and ensure consistency in training. But you are all at a head start position as you are all quality people.

The team spent a busy first week learning many facets of KKTC’s operations and the little nuances that make up the KKTC way of doing things.

“I call the nuances UGR’s or Unwritten Ground Rules, and these in addition to the formal processes take time to learn and understand. We embrace candour in everything we do and sometimes that can be confronting. But honest feedback and striving every day to be better is what we do and with that comes some nuances and little tips and tricks that you will only learn on the job and from our team of mentors,” Sam said.

“With the industry currently to see new changes and challenges around every corner, it is such a relief to be able to bring some fresh faces with big ideas and a passion for educating into our training team.

“Last week was really beneficial, not only for the new Trainers, but for myself and our college as a whole. Bringing them in and seeing them really commit to their work shows how ‘up for the challenge’ they are. It was a great start and everyone had fun with the process” he said.

Amy Conrad, a KKTC Trainer and Assessor of long standing, ran many of the training sessions throughout the week-long induction, and sees great enthusiasm and opportunity within the new recruits.

“I’ve been working as a Trainer and Assessor for a fair while now, it is so cool to see so much excitement from the new guys,” she said.

“They have already shown such an eagerness in their work and they’re offering new perspectives. It really just reminds me how much I love my job and how much this industry benefits from diversity.”

Interested in joining the team? Check out our recruitment page at https://www.koolkidstrainingcollege.com.au/work-with-us/
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