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Course Assessment

Assessment Guidelines

The objective of assessment is for the student to show that they have achieved the unit’s competencies. All courses are competency based requiring students to demonstrate competence on the job through practical demonstration and off the job through the completion of assessment tasks.

What is a Unit of Competency?

A unit of competency specifies the knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply those skills to a standard expected within the National Quality Framework of the Childcare industry.

Students may be assessed by one or more of the following methods:

  • Observation – the completion of a specified task or set of procedures normally performed under close supervision, using a detailed checklist.
  • Oral questioning – a response is provided to a series of questions presented in order to demonstrate understanding of principles or reasoning behind the action taken.
  • Case study – an opportunity to display problem solving and decision making skills is provided in a simulated context.
  • Multiple choice – a question or incomplete statement followed by several options [usually 4 – 5] from which the trainee selects the appropriate answer/s.
  • Written short answer – a written response item consisting of a question/s with answers of a single word, a few words, a sentence, or a paragraph.
  • Or any other method outlined in the course information.

Students will be advised of the assessment methodology before training commences. The assessment policy and procedures for each course are detailed in the individual Course Booklets. Assessment items are marked “C" (competent), “UPK" (under pinning knowledge), and “NYC" (not yet competent). If a student is initially deemed NYC they will be able to resubmit their written work within a given time frame until the assessment is competent. (Please note that a fee for assessment will be charged after three NYC submissions).

If a student is deemed NYC they will only be re-assessed on the components initially determined as not yet competent.

Procedure for Issuing Certificates

Students will be issued with a certificate on completion. If the student completes only one or more units but not a complete qualification, a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

Before certification is issued the Chief Executive Officer and Director verifies competency has been properly assessed, all tasks completed and all fees paid. Once all is in order, the Chief Executive Officer issues the relevant qualification certificate.

When a student has completed their course and a certificate has been issued, the student’s file is archived. This file will always be available and easily accessed with the student’s individual reference number allowing their information to be accessed at any time.


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