One of the major points of difference with Kool Kids Training College is that we are one of the very few Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) that has a legacy of owning and operating childcare centres.

This journey started over 15 years ago with the first Kool Kids Early Learning Centre opening on the Gold Coast.

Our road to becoming a training college evolved because we were frustrated with the quality of training from external RTO’s in our own centres.

Since starting the training college in 2013, we have trained 1000’s of students and remained committed to challenging our students to be their best.

This philosophy of challenging / striving to always improve, to be our best is evident not only in our training and engagement with our students but it remains central to the practices in Kool Kids Early Learning Centres.

None moreso than the new Byron Bay centre – at The Hive which opened in March.
Check out this short video – it is a centre like you’ve never seen before!

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We're passionate about WOWing our students. We believe in sharing your learning journey while making it both rewarding and fun. We support you and ensure you're industry ready for your career in the Children's Services industry.
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