Big day today!


We move into our new training headquarters after many weeks of building works – some of which we have captured on this blog in recent weeks. The move represents a commitment from our team to deliver the best training in Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. We have a premise to be extremely proud of.


It will house over 30 staff and be home to our trainers not only in SE Queensland but when we bring the team together from across Australia (as we used to pre COVID and we will again in 2022) have a meeting place. And what a meeting place it is! A high tech, purpose built training facility that invites collaboration. Training spaces, meeting places…a home for our team and our students to learn and share experiences and with the investment in technology we can support our students from far and wide.

Signage going up

‘Signage going up’


A brilliant learning environment that is unparalleled. The foundations of KKTC have been to continually improve… to work hard every day to be the best training provider in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. And this is so important. As our sector is so important.

just straighten it up a bit

‘Just straighten it up a bit!’


There is nothing more important than the education and care of our most important asset – our nation’s children. So today, as we move into our new home, we are very proud to take that next step in advancing our important role in delivering training to the nation’s educators who in turn nurture and support our nation’s most important asset. They are the future of our nation. And we are supremely proud to play a part in their development.



We love the responsibility and we are loving the journey.

If your journey is taking you into Early Childhood Education and Care – join us today!

Call 1300 048 133 and talk with one of the team.

Gold Coast SUNS and Kool Beanz turn soil on Childcare Facility at Metricon Stadium

We started the week with a huge announcement – a massive day for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector on the Gold Coast!

Read the full press statement at the Gold Coast SUNS website….


New Brand Identity

Today is a BIG day in the growth of our training college. We have announced a new brand identity …


The new brand identity represents a youthful vibrancy and an interpretive design which could be an educator or a child expressing their joy. It is this joy that the college aims to deliver on every training experience for our students.

Since the opening of the training college in 2013 we have developed an evolved notion of who we are and what our purpose is, and that is to be the best Early Childhood Education and Care training college in Australia that delivers an exceptional training experience for every student that enrols with KKTC. With that experience, our students can build their careers and fulfilment in a truly rewarding sector.

So today, as we present this new brand identity to the Early Childhood Education and Care sector in Australia and the wider community, we remain extremely humble and proud of the service we provide to the thousands of students and centres we now support.

We hope you love the brand identity as much as we do!

One week to go


The move to our new headquarters in Southport is getting very close now!

The team will move in this Thursday 28th October.

Attached to this blog post are some photos showing the then and now images. There have been 20+ builders on site for over 2 months so it is a significant project and one we are all eagerly looking forward to.

Importantly as we enter 2022 and will be welcoming students into the college again, we have a brilliant learning facility.

The new KKTC Training Headquarters will feature:


Kool Kids Training College New Facility


  • Total Training Room area of 153sqm
  • Two state of the art technology equipped rooms with presenter tracking cameras so that lectures have an enhanced interactivity for those students offsite
  • For students onsite there is 51sqm of collaborative meeting space for post lecture review sessions along with an alfresco area and onsite gym
  • Short walk to the Scarborough Street Light Rail and diagonally opposite the $500 million Queens Street Village mega development at the old Gold Coast Hospital site.

KKTC New Facility

We can’t wait to be in the new KKTC Training Headquarters. If you are thinking about a career change and getting into Early Childhood Education and Care is in your plans, then learning in this new training facility will be something special.

For more information on enrolling with KKTC


1300 048 133